Investigation Center of Florida Global University


We are an academic work instance, dedicated to the research, oriented to manage, strengthen, and develop the methodological and investigational theoretical approaches of the scientific and technological disciplines that take part of the business administration, information and communication, technology, educational sciences, legal sciences, health sciences, in addition to the humanistic disciplines in the work of human development as a biopsychosocial entity, as well as transmitting knowledge through teaching and extension, articulating the processes which has to be met in the three basic university functions.


FGU RESEARCH CENTER, was created by its authorities’ initiative on October 19th, 2018, with the purpose of becoming the spinal column of the research policies of the university. Even though the institution has been managing the research for more than a decade, it is right at this moment when the creation of this instance is formalized within its structure, thus allowing the strengthening of the research activity in each one of its stages.


FGU RESEARCH CENTER, develops the research function which serves as a support to the academic management of Florida Global University, as a linking mechanism between the institution and the activity taking place in its surroundings; creating and managing lines, programs, and projects according to the national and international requirements.


Become the leading instance for the formation of high quality research, promoting the development of researches in the different areas and disciplines that take part in business administration; information and communication technologies; education, health and legal sciences; in addition to the humanistic disciplines in the work of the human development as a biopsychosocial entity with an international recognition; promoting the permanent updating related of new theoretical-methodological trends, as well as epistemological approaches in terms of competitiveness and development of society in general, reaching and privileged position as an university entity, creating transforming leaders with vocation for service.

Investigation Lines


Field: Management and Administration Sciences

  • Financial Management
  • International Finances
  • Tourism Management
  • Coaching
  • International Economic Relationships
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Field: Technology and Informatics

  • Technological production, management, and diffusion
  • Network Administration
  • Software system development
  • Technological surveillance
  • Technological tools in higher education


Field: Educational Sciences

  • Educational Management
  • Education, Pedagogy, and Didactics
  • Educational Organization Ethics
  • Knowledge Management


Field: Health Sciences

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Nutrition and Dieting
  • Psychology


Field: Law and Political Sciences

  • International judicial execution and cooperation
  • Judicial Systems and conflict resolution
  • Criminal Law and Media
  • Criminology
  • Bioethics and Law