Información Reglamentaria


These Regulations determine the nature and form in which the research function is structured at Florida Global University, highlighting the conformation of the lines of research, as well as all the activities inherent to the process. In this sense, research at FGU will have its development based on the FGU RESEARCH CENTER, a unit in charge of its promotion and encouragement, of the formation and continuous updating of human capital, as well as o the scientific, humanistic, social and technological work of the university.


About its creation: FGU RESEARCH CENTER, attached to the Academic Affairs Vice-Presidency, was created as an academic-administrative work instance, dedicated to research, aimed at managing, strengthening and developing the theoretical, methodological and research approaches of the scientific and technological disciplines that make up business

administration, information and communication technologies, educational sciences, health, legal and political sciences, as well as humanistic disciplines in the field of human development as a biopsychosocial entity, as well as transmitting knowledge through teaching and extension, articulating the processes that must be fulfilled in the three basic university functions.

FGU RESEARCH CENTER has the following objectives:

a) To undertake research oriented to the study of problems in areas related to the scientific and technological disciplines that make up business administration, information and communication technologies, educational sciences, legal sciences and health sciences, and humanities involved in human development.

b) To establish basic criteria for the research process in a consensual manner among the members of the lines that make up the center.

c) To contribute to the training and updating of the researchers assigned to FGU RESEARCH CENTER

d) To promote strategic alliances for joint research with other research centers, universities, institutes and multilateral organizations, companies and communities, both nationally and internationally.

e) To form research networks that promote collaborative projects, socialization of the scientific production generated and strengthening of knowledge.

f) To promote the development of a system where research projects are directly related to the degree projects carried out by the participants.

g) To monitor the development of degree projects and special degree projects.

h) To promote the center’s self-management as a business unit, through participation in projects, subsidies or other types of activities that generate economic resources and allows the sustainability of the research center.

i) To actively participate in subsidies the calls for social projects by international organizations.

j) To formulate management indicators in order to position the university in international rankings.

k) To promote the scientific visibility of the researchers assigned to the center and the university, in order to leverage the research management developed through the socialization of its results.


In order to achieve the proposed objectives, FGU RESEARCH CENTER will be composed by:

· A Director, who will preside over the Technical Council of FGU RESEARCH CENTER.

· A Technical Council, that will be integrated by the Director of FGU RESEARCH CENTER, Staff Researchers, Deans of the different faculties of the university and Coordinators of the Graduate Programs assigned to the Center.

· Staff Researchers

· Coordinators of the Specialty and Master's Programs.

· Associated and invited researchers with projects registered in the Center's research lines.

· Junior researchers with research projects registered in the Center's lines of research, participants of the graduate programs offered by the university or those represented through strategic alliances.

The functions of FGU RESEARCH CENTER, within the scope of its competence, are the following:

a) To develop a research policy directed towards the promotion of research lines, programs and projects in accordance with the demands of research and knowledge in the different areas and disciplines that make up business administration, information and communication technologies, educational, health and legal sciences, in addition to the humanistic disciplines in the work of human development.

b) To stimulate basic and applied research, seeking for solutions for problems linked to the social, economic, political and cultural reality, both nationally and internationally.

c) To articulate the functions of teaching, research and extension, contributing to the enrichment of the respective epistemological assumptions.

d) To validate through the person in charge of the line, in joint signature with the tutor, the pertinence and correspondence of the special degree projects and degree projects.

e) To encourage exchanges with other research centers, as well as with related national and international organizations, with the purpose of promoting the mobility of researchers.

f) To promote the scientific visibility of the teaching and research staff, and the institutions, through the development of research.

g) To ensure the quality of the organizational processes that must be fulfilled in research matters.

h) To ensure the originality of the research projects that are developed at the university as a degree requirement.

i) Advise on the procedures for the presentation and defense of special degree projects, as well as the degree projects.

The duties of the Director of the FGU RESEARCH CENTER are:

a) To manage the Center’s research work and administrative activities.

b) To coordinate the operation of the Center’s Technical Council.

c) To supervise and direct the different research projects developed, with the help of members of the Center.

d) To supervise the registration of special degree projects and degree projects in the lines of research assigned to the Center.

e) Present a semester report on the activities developed by the Center to the competent body; as well as to present the semester plan of research activities during the next academic period.

f) To ensure the normal development of the Center's activities.

The Technical Council of the Research Center shall meet ordinarily every thirty (30) days, and extraordinarily when called by the Director; the quorum shall be a simple majority.

The attributions of the Technical Council of the Research Center are the following:

a) To promote research, development, innovation and creativity activities.

b) To support the Researchers during the execution of the research, development, innovation and creativity projects.

c) To generate research opportunities for students, teaching and research staff of the university.

d) To join with research networks, research centers, national and international, to promote the development of relevant projects that transcend borders.

e) To promote research, development, innovation and creativity that contributes to the development of lines of research.


The lines of research represent a broad thematic axis, with a defined conceptual and operative orientation, which makes it possible to manage the necessary processes to build scientific knowledge. For the purposes of this Regulation, they will be classified into: Matrix Line and Potential Line.

The lines of research will be proposed by the Center and will have a person in charge, who must be an active researcher, with a project assigned to the referred line. To ensure its relevance, it must be subject to an evaluation and follow-up process to determine its scope and validity.

A Research Project is understood as the orderly and systematic development of a rigorous process that implies the observance of all the characteristics of a scientific method, in order to be able to conduct research initiatives in a defined context and time frame, supported by degree project, special degree project, doctoral thesis or promotion project.

Research projects will have a minimum duration of one (01) year and a maximum of three (03) years, and must be executed in accordance to the work schedule approved by the Technical Council of the Center. For its approval, it is necessary to present the final report and at least

three (03) generated products from its development, among which the following will be required:

Published article in an indexed journal, book or chapter of a book, paper in a national or international scientific event, training of human talent (consultancies, tutorials, updating courses).


All research projects developed at the center, as well as the scientific production derived from them, will be submitted for evaluations and considerations to the Technical Council, which will authorize their publication or not.

The center will be able to create its own means of knowledge socialization such as: physical or electronic magazines, bulletins, technical reports, academic texts, among others. Likewise, the Center will be in charge of the administration, maintenance and updating of its website. FGU PUBLISHING can assist with the publication process.


FGU RESEARCH CENTER activities will be funded through:

· Income from Florida Global University, the institutional affiliation body.

· Income from technical assistance, consultancies, extension and research activities such as: Seminars, Conferences, Scientific Workshops, Congresses, Forums, and Talks, among others, according to the policies and procedures of the administrative body of Florida Global University.

· From the contracting by public or private organizations of research projects of interest, so they will cover all or part of the expenses incurred by them.

· From subsidies made by national and international organizations.


Any matters that are not provided for in these Regulations and any doubts in their interpretation shall be resolved by the Board of Directors of Florida Global University, Academic Vice-rectorate Office or by the pertinent university body, in accordance with their respective competencies.

Sole Paragraph: These Regulations shall be subject to review each year and shall be modified if necessary, in order to adapt them to the academic structure, academic curriculum, operation of the University and, Regulations governing the matter.